Susana Balbo Malbec

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Once on a career path to become a nuclear physicist, Susana Balbo has become renowned as the first woman winemaker in Argentina and quickly became heralded as the best winemaker in Argentina…period. Read the Forbes article about her here.

olive bistro susana balbo malbec
Susana Balbo Malbec, featured wine through April 2021

Through April, at our Midtown location only, we are featuring her Malbec. This wine features a nose of blueberry, blackberry, cherry with a beautiful violet color. Hints of mint and spice precede a long velvety finish. Malbec is one of the noble grapes of Bordeaux and is often found in Bordeaux blends, but has become the primary grape planted in Argentina. Susana works her magic with this one.

Come in and share a bottle with friends. It will pair beautifully with a lamb chop or lamb kebobs.

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