Jazz & Vino with Steven Charles

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Singer-songwriter StevenCharles is sharing his music with the world and we are grateful for it.

His songs stem from past experiences of overcoming adversity, rising above, and defying the odds. Through his music, he is inspiring a new generation of rejuvenated youth searching for positivity.

StevenCharles can be found performing across North America in cities such as Montreal, New York, Atlanta and Miami.

A Canadian born American trailblazer, his artistry is absolute. A role- model to so many around him, StevenCharles creates music from a vulnerable place that will touch your soul for years to come.


$10 per person entertainment fee added to each check supports production, lighting, sound, and the artists. 

Reservations recommended for this event. Call (404) 874-5336 or email midtown@olivebistro.com.

All events in The Cellar@Olive Bistro Midtown are on the magical stage provided by BWS Magical Experiences